How customers are forcing companies towards digitisation?

Customers are very demanding and volatile. They are always looking for companies that give them a world class experience. Hence, companies are being forced to rethink their strategies to compete with the customer demands. Ensuring 24*7 availability of their services is possible with  complete digitised process. The mobile user of today wants everything online and on the go. They are 24*7 using mobile devices to search or look up for information. Not only the customers but also the business officials, partners, agents, etc. all want to be able to interact and access data online.

Digitisation is a seamless, fast and cogent way to create a superior customer-business and business-business experience. The corporations that are moving towards transformation or have successfully implemented one are the open minded and competition oriented organisations. Embracing the new technology is crucial for industries to stay in business. The organisations that have not realised the importance of digitisation and have rigid beliefs about business processes soon reach the stage of closure.

Customers have a very busy and hectic schedules these days, to make everything stress-free organisations need to find solutions that make their lives easy. More and more customers like to handle a lot of their work from the ease of their office or home. No one wants to spend time doing physical shopping, standing in billing or ticket queues, etc. They want everything fast to get an enhanced experience.

The physical shopping customers strength is dwindling and online shoppers are growing. Organisations are incorporating kiosks to provide customers with an enhanced experience of shopping. Companies make use of the latest technologies to build a agile systems that are more customer – friendly.

The next generation consumers are more tech savvy and aware. They want exceptional experience that is informative, amusing and substantiate. Organisations find it very hard to fool this generation for quality or pricing. These consumers are aware of competition and opportunities e.g. if you have a shirt of some specific brand and the price of it on one site is X and the other e-commerce site it Y then they will immediately search both the sites and compare the pricing. These are good advertisers also as they are almost 70% online. If they like a site, company, brand or offer then in no time they will also happily publicise it through social network.

Companies like Skype, Napster, Twitter, Facebook, etc. work on a digital model. These organisations have completely exploited the benefits of the digital process to build business and customer body. Here are the top demands of the customers:

  • Seamless, fast & easy assertion: The digital world is expanding at a fast pace where an average person spends most of his time online. They like to just do everything online like surf, shop, sell, etc.
  • Flexible : On-the-go consumer wants access of data and services with a click. They want to access data just from anywhere and at anytime.
  • Synergetic and Socially active : The next generation consumers are obsessed with the use of social networking sites. Through these digital sites they get information about upcoming trends, brands, etc.
  • Peer Feedback : Before visiting or hiring services of an organisation the digitised consumer asks for feedbacks from friends and acceptances.
  • Impatient and highly demanding: Digital consumers ask for good quality product at a faster speed and with high level of service. They know that the competition is so high that companies would die to provide them services.

Here are the sectors that have been highly affected with digitisation:

  • Retail
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Consumer Products
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Public Sector
  • Professional Services
  • Travel & Transportation
  • Utilities

Now is time when companies must rethink their business strategies and imbibe the digitised technology to fight competition and retain consumers. The mobile devices are the essence of the upcoming technology for partners, agents and customers. To revolutionise the customer experience organisations need to invent and innovate digital solutions.

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