Consumer Products

Consumer Products

Consumer Goods industry are using digital solutions to improve customer services, earn profits, retain quality and meet market demands.

GSC provides many consumer product companies a comprehensive and optimised solution. The industry has a blend of operations like inventory management, POS retails, tracking shipment, etc. Digital systems are the need of the hour. More and more customers use web to view promotions, search products, compare prices, order goods, etc. A digital solution helps to meet the deadlines and requirements of the ever demanding customer. To have an edge over the competition you need to be always in control and fast.

The otherwise complex process can be simply and easily be converted into a seamless, fast one. Consumer product industry earns profits only if it matches with the demand.

All About GSC Consumer Products

GSC Consumer products is an optimised solution to handle supply chain, online marketing, achieving sales targets,etc. Our solution transforms the system to a more efficient and effective one. It helps you to compete with rivals in this high demanding industry.

It is very crucial for the supply chains to deliver the products on time. They also need to track the quality and freshness of the goods. This has become very simple and accurate with GCS enterprise solution. The product manufactured first would be the one to be dispatched first. The entire system is integrated and maintains an exact record of the consignment.

We help you create a robust system that meets the requirements of the upcoming market trends. We also integrate the system with your website making it more user – friendly and easy to navigate. We provide solution to many varied consumer products sectors:

  • Electronics
  • Consumer Durables
  • Home & Personal Care
  • Footwear
  • Food & Beverages
  • Apparel
  • And Many more…

Our solution improve turn around time, saves money by increasing profit margins.

Our Offerings

Our solution helps you to get a better control and insight of the business. You get a greater visibility of the operations and stocks. Our team of dedicated and experienced consultants integrate the solution with your already running system.

Some of the benefits offered by GSC solution are:

  • Make the system optimised : The system becomes more reliable and effective. You can now fetch any kind of information easily.
  • Improves Sales : As the clarity of the products available and the ones being manufactured becomes visible the sales and marketing heads can target the market better.
  • Product Quality is maintained: The time when the product was manufactured and the time it is supplied reduces considerably, helping in maintaining the product quality and brand equity.
  • Reduce Costs: A lot of time can be saved which was otherwise being used in managing records. You can reduce the amount of loss being injured when the goods get damaged or perished. All this helps to save money thus reducing cost.
  • Flexible & Agile solution: The maintaining and managing records and products becomes easier.

Consumer products industry has come a long way with digitisation. This has improved product quality, reduced delivery time and boost profit margins.

Consulting with GSC team really helped us achieve our financial goals. The solution implemented for managing sales ensures that our financial standing is stable.

Amanda Seyfried
Sales & Marketing, Alien Ltd.

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