Insurance Solutions

Insurance Solutions

An enterprise solution to digitise the entire process. It optimises work efficiences, improves profitability and reduces operational  costs.

Insurance companies need to capture a lot of information and consistently maintain these records. Insurance digitisation is a savior that helps an insurance firm to migrate from traditional methodologies to the new digitised solutions. Insurance companies can focus on earning more business and boost growth, rather than just managing their big data.

All About GSC Insurance

More and more Insurance companies today want to transform their business process through digitisation. They believe that this will improve their operational processes and increase investments. Digitisation provides a complete control over the process and makes it transparent. In addition, Insurance solution also makes everything more customers-centric.

At GSC we implement insurance solutions and integrate it with social media, mobile devices and cloud. It gives customers a completely connected environment. Insurance firms involve many kind of transactions from different types of customers like direct clients, brokers, agents, etc. Thus making it more complex and critical.

Knowing the mindset of the today’s insurance buyer, we believe that these next generation people are more comfortable in dealing with Insurance firms that have opted for digital solutions.

GSC insurance solution is reliable and comprehensive. It complies to all government rules and regulations. We provide solution to many varied insurance functions like:

  • Life & Retirement
  • Property & Casualty
  • Re-Insurance
  • Core Systems
  • Data to Digital
  • Health Insurance

Our solution covers all aspects of insurance industry like processing of claims, releasing agent commissions, retaining customers, targeting prospective customers, etc.

Our Offerings

We help Insurance companies in migrate from a paper oriented approach to a completely digitised process. New age customers demand that the entire documentation should be executed electronically as it is easy and fast. They want to be able to pay amounts online, receive newsletters, raise claims, etc all from the ease of their office or home.

Insurance claims, payments, winning new clients, etc involves a complex system. Many strategically important decisions are required to be made which need to comply with the government regulations as well. GSC enterprise system is both secure and regulatory compliant.

We have a dedicated, experienced and diligent team of consultants and developers that first understands the entire system and then designs and implements a customised solution. They provide a complete pre and post implementation support.

Our agile and fast insurance solution helps in solving most complex challenges being faced by the insurance firms:

  • Provides a complete paper less process. Searching and tracking client, broker, investor records become easier
  • Solutions are regulatory compliant with government rules
  • Helps to remove all kinds of redundant data by giving a unique ID for every client. For all future transactions the customer just needs to specify the ID and their entire transaction history is fetched in time.
  • We deliver reliable and robust solutions thus making them more secure.
  • GSC solutions optimise costs which in turn builds a better customer base and optimises investments.

The need of the hour for insurance companies big or small is to get their systems digitised in order to have a greater coverage and access.

Consulting with GSC team really helped us achieve our financial goals. The solution implemented for managing sales ensures that our financial standing is stable.

Amanda Seyfried
Sales & Marketing, Alien Ltd.

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