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Retailing these days is a totally different experience. From basic retail stores to E-retailing, the horizon and demand has changed a lot.

Retail industry is fast growing with the ever increasing shift in technology trends. The consumer is very much interested in shopping almost from anywhere these days. To enable this retailers have incorporated the digital solutions to enhance their experience, resulting in growth of the business, improved performance and enhanced sales. GSC provides them a retail solution that covers all the needs of their customers and delight them on every interaction.

All About GSC Retail

GSC offers a retail solution that can be implemented successfully across channels. Our innovative and comprehensive solution gives your partners and customers a completely different and effective experience of lifetime. Be it Supply Chain Management or Merchandise Management or marketing brands, the solution is optimised to integrate all sectors. We create bespoke solutions to meet all your requirements.

Growth and business expansion is possible as a seamless and cogent process works across all the integrated sectors. The digital system provides a greater visibility and tracking of the stock thus enabling you meet the needs of demand and supply. The system is accessible online, through mobile devices or customers can visit the retail stores. Companies avail more growth opportunities and earn more profits.

GSC retail solution ensure operational efficiency and the system is completely secure to handle the online billing processes and also launch promotional and advertising campaigns online.

Our business solutions are not only robust but also reliable. We provide solution to many varied retail industries like:

  • Grocers
  • Departmental Stores
  • Fashion
  • Merchandising
  • Pharma
  • Speciality Retailing

Our solution improves sales increasing the profit margins and expanding the business.

Our Offerings

GSC implements an agile solution for companies in retail sector that transforms the complete process end-to-end. Retail services becomes far more effective and transparent with greater visibility of stock and sales. The solution gives a personalised feel for the client as they can now view order and surfing history. The digitisation makes the entire experience easy and simple.

The solution provides a robust infrastructure to deal with the marketing and promotional content of the merchandise. The solution can be accessed using multiple channels like websites, mobile devices or physical retail stores. The entire shopping experience becomes fascinating for customers and partners.
The partners can easily upload their merchandise onto the store. Supply chain gets a centralised repository of data which gives a clear picture of the stock available for sale.

Our agile and fast solution helps to cover some of the challenges being faced by the retailing firms:

  • Provides greater flexibility to the business by making tracking and managing operations simpler.
  • Helps to build a loyal customer base by fetching their data online.
  • Stock take and inventory tracking becomes centralised and simpler.
  • Multi-platform retail stores meaning the social media, mobiles, websites, physical stores, etc. can be used to sell the merchandise.
  • Improves sales and optimises growth and profits.

Retail industry is one of the largest industry that has made use of the technological shift. Almost all retail stores or commodities can be purchased online meaning that the digitisation has sealed into the roots of the retail industry at a fast pace.

Consulting with GSC team really helped us achieve our financial goals. The solution implemented for managing sales ensures that our financial standing is stable.

Amanda Seyfried
Sales & Marketing, Alien Ltd.

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