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Business Solution for Utilities Sector

Utility sector is gauging its way towards digitisation to capitalise on profits and investments. With GSC Business Solutions their services and speed improves considerably

Utility sector includes water, gas and electricity firms. These are some of the market giants that have a complex operational processes and hence they require high end services to ensure exemplary services. With huge infrastructures and multi level channels, the need to provide a centralised, fast and feasible digital solution becomes even more necessary. At GSC, we develop business solutions that help in delivering services on time thus improve profit margins, considerably.

All About GSC Utilities

Delivering utilities services involves managing massive infrastructures, workforce, partners and clients. GSC’s offers enterprise solutions that delivers a robust and reliable digital that will capably automate all the processes. Agile and comprehensive architecture of our solution is absolutely secure and scalable. It simply integrates multiple channels to work in close collaboration. Data sharing becomes central. Our solution also helps in doing asset tracking and management as it is very difficult to manage due to its big size.

Like every other industry expansion is very crucial for a utilities industry to flourish. Digitisation improves the way we do asset tracking and information management. With clarity of data market expansion decisions can be taken with more confidence and reliability. Water, electricity and gas are sectors that are usually in a race between demand and supply. With digitisation the efficiency and efficacy improves considerably.

GSC Utilities Solution enables a centralised control of the operations across verticals. The cogent and tangible solution also complies with all regulatory norms. A lot of health and safety rules need to be followed to handle operations involved in a utility process. We provide enterprise solution to many varied utility industries like:

  • Gas
  • Water
  • Electricity

Our solution improves efficiency and services thereby increasing the productivity cost and profits.

Our Offerings

GSC solution brings prerogative solution to digitise the operational process of the utility companies. The vast infrastructures are converted into seamless secure and tangible processes. The news systems are much more fast and reliable. Data transfer across various channels also becomes easy and effective.

With up-to-date information tracking and managing assets becomes a proactive process. Obsolete and ageing assets can be disposed off in a timely manner saving the system from unexpected crashes. Our enterprise system provides easy and simple way of monitoring the third party partners for their field services.

GSC solution also reduces cost, time and risk involved in the operational process. Turnaround time for services improves, resulting in more satisfied and loyal customers. As services improves, investments improve and scope for expansion opens up. Here are most common challeges we solve for utilities sector:

  • Provide a centralised control of information making the inventory and asset management a simple proces
  • Offer an integrated system that integrates multiple channels across verticals
  • Ensure quality and productivity of business which in turn improves the way we leverage more investment opportunities
  • Set up a regulatory compliant solution that abides to all health, after and environmental regulations
  • Increase the production rate thereby reducing the costs of production
  • Implement a reliable and robust solution that increases profit margins

Utility industry is reaping the benefits of the business intelligence gained through our GSC Enterprise solution. It is a robust, agile and a comprehensive solution that ensure an improved service and delight for your customers.

Consulting with GSC team really helped us achieve our financial goals. The solution implemented for managing sales ensures that our financial standing is stable.

Amanda Seyfried
Sales & Marketing, Alien Ltd.

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