Evolution of Cloud based platforms for everything

Cloud based servers have revolutionised the computer industry and has penetrated into almost every industry. Cloud computing has evolved to an extent that its leaving its imprint onto every sector that it touches. The barrier of access has been broken with the use of cloud based business solutions. Accessing the systems has become easier, you can now connect to the system from just anywhere using a system or a mobile device. Such is the power of a cloud based system. Organisations are introducing such systems into its operations so that they are better equipped to compete. Cloud interface is flexible and scalable and at the same time does not involve any big investments.

Companies are now building mobile based sites and applications with the help of the cloud networks. Customers love to always be in control of information and are demanding companies to provide a seamless, consistent and easy access. Consumers use mobile devices to do almost all kinds of transactions like shopping, banking, newspaper reading, entertainment, etc. This has been made possible with the evolution of Cloud based platform. Here are the benefits of the cloud based platforms are:

  • Easy accessibility: Cloud based platforms are easy to access. The systems built on cloud platforms can be accessed from any device like laptop, mobile, tablet, etc. and from anyplace and at anytime.
  • Scalable systems: A cloud is a virtual space making it flexible to scale. As the company grows and business expands, demand to increase the bandwidth and server space also increases. Cloud systems provide the ease to add or remove resources as per requirement.
  • Faster Disaster Recovery: With cloud based platforms organisations can be assured that if a system crashes then the time involved in recovering the system is negligible compared to other networks. Cloud servers can have multiple backups and hence can have a more robust and reliable solution.
  • Improved Teamwork: With a centralised data repository, cloud provides an easy sharing and tracking of information. Data gets real time updates making the data more reliable and updated.
  • Auto Software Upgrades: Network systems have a lot of softwares running, these softwares require regular upgrades. A cloud network is proficient to automatically upgrade the softwares. Providing you with a more updated and reliable system.
  • Security: The cloud networks are secured from unauthorised access and crashes. With the availability of online virtual servers, there is always a backup of data. The data can be retrieved immediately is required.
  • Reduced Hardware cost: Cloud networks are virtual hence there is no need to have any investments on hardware or space. These systems are scalable and easy to manage.
  • Better way to compete: Cloud based systems build business processes that are accessible through a variety of channels like mobile, tablets, laptops, etc. providing a greater platform to compete. Cloud networks helps consumers to shop, pay, sell, etc. online making the systems cogent and agile.

Why should a company switch to a cloud based network?

More ways of access means better coverage and increased profits. Cloud networks build virtual and dynamic servers which are easy to access and flexible. Companies are required to understand the power of a cloud and draw its benefits to help business flourish. The tech savvy consumer demands for a more creative, innovative and amusing experience. They want to be able to access the content 24*7 from just any place. Some of the rationale that impounds companies to switch networks are:

  • Centralised repository: Different verticals on the organisation will get a centralised control meaning that verticals like Supply Chain, Finance, Human resources etc. can all be integrated to remove redundancy of data. Decision making improves as visibility of data is available at all levels and to all departments.
  • Real – Time data updation: Data redundancy is removed with the implementation of cloud based systems. The data has a centralised repository meaning that every record is available to all parties in real – time. If a record is updated in one system then that record gets updated in all systems.
  • Dashboards: Cloud provides the ease and flexibility to access the data from just anywhere and at anytime. Reporting and analysing dashboards becomes cogent and seamless. It gives a detailed business insight that helps in faster and better decision making.
  • Highly Scalable: A cloud network can be increased or decreased in its bandwidth as per the user requirements. Making it cheap and flexible. No extra cost is incurred.
  • High Performing system: Cloud systems are easy to access, scale and recover. These systems are fast, robust and reliable. All this helps to improve the overall performance and quality of the system.

To sync the back office and front office work, it is time that companies understand the importance of the evolution of cloud based systems. All the above mentioned benefits and rationale’s are enough to prepare your businesses to transform their networks into cloud based networks. Let your company harness the be

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